Dr. Andreia Horta, ND   Toronto, ON

It is with great pleasure that I share (our/my) experience with Kevin Gorski services;  In three words; Reliable, Thorough and Trustworthy

Kevin has helped me tremendously in my ND chosen career. He is reliable, and timely. Anytime we had a question or concern, if not the same day the next day latest he would respond. He was exceptionally thorough as well, asking me loads of questions ensuring all angles were covered on the topic at hand. He has a way of explaining difficult topics simply, so that they are easy to understand. I essentially learned a lot about my business while working with Kevin, things I did not originally think mattered, in fact do. Trust is so important when dealing with sensitive matters such as a work contract. From onset it was evident that he works on your behalf ensuring you get the best treatment and concern resolve possible. He provided me with solutions outside of the box that truly worked seamlessly. I am currently working and very happy for the sound counsel I was given. I would 100% refer Kevin and associates to any ND or other needing help.

Dr. Emily Lipinski, ND   Mississauga, ON

For two years I have been working with ND business solutions  His team has a vast amount of knowledge regarding the naturopathic profession, and they have also conducted a research study specifically looking at the naturopathic industry. Kevin first helped me find an ideal practice location. ND business solutions later helped me negotiate contracts, optimize my practice and significantly grow my practice. I contribute a great deal of my practice success to the advice and consulting I have received from ND business solutions.