Start or Buy a Practice

start or buy practiceStarting or Buying a Practice? We’re here to help! Contact us for a free consultation.

Congratulations, you’ve made the big decision that most naturopaths aspire to: owning your own practice. There are many considerations and important decisions to weigh:

  • Buying an existing practice vs starting and building your own
  • Buying vs leasing
  • Whether or not to incorporate.

How Can ND Business Solutions Help?

Determine if you’re ready

  • What patient volume will be needed to break even?
  • What extra responsibilities will you be taking on?
  • How much capital will be needed and where will it come from?
You’ll need a plan

We’re experts at drafting a professional business plan that will guide you through challenges and help you secure financing.

Buying a practice?

Let us guide you through the process. ND Business Solutions can provide a practice appraisal and valuation, determine what practices are a good fit and offer the best opportunities, and represent you in negotiations and bargaining.

Get off to a great start

Make informed decisions

Make important decisions with as much information as possible. ND Business Solutions can provide you with relevant market information to make good decisions. Making changes to your business is more difficult than getting it right the first time.

Leverage more value when you buy an existing practice

When buying a clinic we can help you find ways to increase revenue from existing patients to create additional value. Additionally, take advantage of our numerous programs to optimize your practice from day one: Patient Insights, our Qualitative Scorecard, and Location Modelling program. Our recent study provides supply and demand modelling on a regional level – Contact us for more specific information.

Assistance with contracts and legal matters

New practices and practice buyouts will need to consider incorporation, purchase and sale agreements, and leases

ND Business Solutions pairs Naturopathic Doctors with expert business and legal advisers to take your practice to the next level.

Contact us for a free consultation on starting or buying a naturopathic practice

Enter your contact information for a complimentary consultation from one of our experts with relevant experience. Please note that ND Business Solutions cannot provide professional legal advice through our complimentary consultations.