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Moving from one location or clinic to another is a big challenge, even if the new location is in the same neighborhood. You’ve worked hard to build your practice and patient base, make sure to avoid the common and expensive mistakes so many naturopaths make when relocating.

How Can ND Business Solutions Help?

Retain more patients

If you’re moving to another office within the same geographical area, ND Business Solutions can create a transition plan to increase the number of patients that follow you to your new location.

Moving to a to a new city?

No need to start over again. Hit the ground running with a strategy to build your new practice up.

Get a running start

Find an optimal new location through predictive modelling. Our industry study Predicting Supply and Demand for Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario shows the why choosing the right area can be critical to practice success. ND Business Solutions can also help you join a practice that is right for you in your new location.

There is value in what you’ve built, and ND Business Solutions can help you unlock it

Your patient files are a valuable asset

You’ve worked hard for your loyal patients, just giving them away will cost you thousands that you have already earned. We can appraise your patient files and represent you in their sale to another naturopathic‎ doctor

What are non-soliciation non-compete clauses?

Non-solicitation clauses are intended to restrict departing practitioners from taking clients or other employees away from the clinic. Non-compete agreements usually prevent a departing practitioner from competing against the clinic within a certain scope of activities and geographic radius. Have you signed a non-soliciation or non-compete clause? Courts generally don’t recognise these clauses if they are unreasonably restrictive, and certain forms of communication with past clients and employees may be acceptable. Contact us for a complimentary review of your association, employment or lease contract to see where you stand.

ND Business Solutions pairs Naturopathic Doctors with expert business and legal advisers to take your practice to the next level.

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