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Contract Negotiation Naturopath

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In most cases, the practice owner is more experienced and knowledgeable about business, legal contracts and financial considerations than the candidate being offered the position. Candidates often feel that if they make changes to a contract they will lose the position. Additionally, most naturopaths are considered independent contractors rather than employees which means that protections provided by the Employment Standards Act don’t apply.

Don’t be fooled by the other party’s negotiation tactics. Many clinic and property managers will tell you that the contract (commercial lease, association or employment contract) you are presented with is their “standard contract”. In our experience, standard contracts almost always mean:

  • The contract is completely one-sided giving you few to no rights or recourse if something goes wrong, and giving the other party the ability to act arbitrarily on important matters
  • The contract does not factor in any of your considerations, needs or requirements
  • The contract is written without any knowledge or provision for specific circumstances that apply to the practice of naturopathic medicine
  • Or, the contract was copy/pasted and doesn’t clearly state what it intends to

Almost everyone is willing to negotiate and make accommodations for their chosen candidate. And if they aren’t willing to listen, do you really want to work there?

There is no such thing as a “standard contract”. While many contracts contain similar provisions a well-written contract should be the beginning of a good relationship where both parties’ needs are addressed and clarified.

How can ND Business Solutions Help?

When it comes to negotiation, information is power

Our unique knowledge of the naturopathic industry and market data can strengthen your position and help you get what you want.

Let our experience work for you

We can tell you what to expect, plan a negotiating strategy that prioritizes your goals, and compare your offer with our market knowledge.

Explain to you the meaning of the contract in plain language

Know the basic legal implications of the contract, or if needed refer you to one of our legal advisers so you know what everything means and where you stand

Walk away with confidence

Not every position will be right for you. If it doesn’t work out with one practice, we can help you find a practice that will be a good fit for you.

Get what you want from your contract

Our proven track record

ND Business Solutions has increased compensation and/or secured full ownership of patient files for our client in 80% of cases

Make sure you have options and flexibility

You won’t be working there forever. Make sure your contract gives you the flexibility to move on or renegotiate when you’re ready.

The best value for naturopaths

No need to waste time and rack up billable hours explaining what exactly a naturopath does and what you are looking for. ND Business Solutions only advises naturopathic doctors

ND Business Solutions pairs Naturopathic Doctors with expert business and legal advisers to take your practice to the next level.

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