Naturopath Career Planning

Naturopath Career Planning

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By the time most naturopathic doctors finish school, pass their exams and become licensed to practice life is already upon them. Many naturopaths are paying off student debt, trying to build a career, and experiencing many other life events. Important decisions like planning for the future and knowing when it’s the right time to start your own practice are difficult for almost everyone.

How can ND Business Solutions Help?

Help you plan for life changes

Starting a family or taking some time off? We can help to ensure continuity of your practice or clinic, arrange a locum, and plan financially. Moving? We can make relocating your practicestress-free.

Pair you with a business and career coach to help you meet your goals

We’ll work with you to create a career plan and identify opportunities, and check in with you regularly. A career coach can provide support and guidance to help you realize your potential.

Get the most out of your career and your life

Align your career and your goals

What are the best ways to practice and when? Are you better off associating, having your own practice, or a hybrid model?

Optimize your Income

Based on your patient volume, desired workload and market environment we can provide quantitative analysis to make sure you’re getting the maximum out of your patient billings and the life you desire

ND Business Solutions pairs Naturopathic Doctors with expert business and legal advisers to take your practice to the next level.

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