Joining a Naturopathy Practice

Joining a Practice NaturopathyJoining a Naturopathy Practice? We’re here to help!

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Joining a practice is in many ways like starting your own business, and practices looking for naturopaths exists in many different shapes and sizes. Naturopathy is a growing and expanding field and there are many opportunities out there. Make sure that the position you accept makes sense based on your career goals and is a good fit.

How Can ND Business Solutions Help?

Analyse the value proposition

Find the primary sources of your patients at potential clinics and determine the clinic’s value proposition (what they are offering to you compared with the fee, percentage and/or compensation they are offering)

Find the right location

ND Business Solutions uses our own predictive modelling program to accurately determine municipalities that need more naturopathic doctors. View our recent paper for a look at current supply and demand for naturopaths in Ontario.

Evaluate potential clinics

Using benchmarking and financial statements, and patient numbers to determine if the clinic is financial secure and growing; and our Qualitative Scorecard that rates the important “soft” factors to predict patient retention and walk-ins

An Investment in your Career

Get Ahead

Joining the right practice can put your career years ahead of your peers and eliminate financial stress

Secure your ideal position

Demonstrating to prospective clinics you are knowledgeable and interested in the business and operations side of a clinic can increase your chances of securing the position over other candidates.

Students and recent graduates

Ask about our special program for students and recent graduates of CCNM and Boucher

ND Business Solutions pairs Naturopathic Doctors with expert business and legal advisers to take your practice to the next level.

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