Attract New Patients

Naturopath Attract New Patients

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It can take years to attract a consistent patient base, and moving to a new area or changing clinics can mean you’re starting all over again. Some naturopaths are able to build up their patient base quickly but it takes years for many naturopaths to be as busy as they would like.

How can ND Business Solutions help?

Your hard work and income potential could be wiped out by a poor contract

If you’re investing time and money to grow your practice, make sure you’re benefiting. If you’re working at a clinic or under a lease arrangement, you may not be able to keep the rights to any of your new patients. Contact us for a complimentary review of your association, employment or lease contract.

Are you targeting the right people?

How well-served is your city or region? View our recent study on Naturopathy in Ontario or Contact Us to see how it applies to you.

What is your specialty?

The ND Business Solutions Patient Insight Program can help you identify why your patients come to see you and provide useful information for attracting new patients.

How does your clinic compare?

Our Qualitative Scorecard rates naturopathic clinics on the “soft” factors that often create lasting impressions with existing and potential patients.

An increase in your patient numbers can be worth much more than the extra billings

Grow your practice exponentially

Most naturopaths continually receive new patients from word-of-mouth referrals from existing patients: more patients = even more referrals.

More patients mean a stronger negotiating position

If you’re working at a clinic where the clinic takes a percentage of your billings or you refer patients to other practitioners they would hate to lose you. ND Business Solutions can help you re-negotiate your current contract, join another clinic to work out of, or start your own practice.

Increase the scope of your practice

Certain treatment methods only become cost effective when you reach a certain volume of patients, such as IV therapy

ND Business Solutions pairs Naturopathic Doctors with expert business and legal advisers to take your practice to the next level.

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